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Complex Strontium Molybdates

By boiling a mixture of strontium nitrate and molybdoiodic acid, and then cooling, a white spongy mass of small crystals of composition 3SrO(I2O5.2MoO3)4.15H2O is produced. The normal molybdoiodate may be prepared by the action of the lithium salt on strontium nitrate. It is very soluble in water, and on evaporating a solution of the salt, the compound SrO.I2O5.2MoO3.3H2O is obtained. There is also a sulphomolybdate.

A double strontium sodium molybdoperiodate, of composition 4SrO.Na2O.I2O7.12MoO3.20H2O, has been described, and an arseno-molybdate.

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