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Strontium Amide, Sr(NH2)2

Strontium ammonium is decomposed under reduced pressure, slowly at 20° C. and rapidly above that temperature, evolving a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen, and leaving a white mass of Strontium Amide, Sr(NH2)2. When dry ammonia is passed over strontium heated to 200° C., hydrogen and nitrogen are obtained and some strontiamide. At 800° C. a mixture of hydride and nitride is formed.

By the absorption of hydrogen by strontium nitride, Dafert and Miklauz obtained a compound to which they gave the formula Sr3(NH2)2. The reaction begins at 270°-280° C. and is very vigorous at 450° C. The product should be heated slowly to 600°-700° C. to complete the absorption.

Franklin obtained the compound, potassium ammonostrontianate, SrNK.2NH3 or Sr(NH2)2.KNH2, similar to potassium ammonocalciate.

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