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Strontium Azide, Sr(N3)2

Strontium Azide, Sr(N3)2, is formed by treating strontium oxide with a 2 per cent, solution of hydrazoie acid and crystallising over sulphuric acid, or by boiling an excess of freshly precipitated strontium hydroxide with a solution of ammonium azide. Colourless, rhombic, hygroscopic crystals are obtained, which are isomorphous with the calcium and barium salts, and are exploded by heat but not by shock. The explosion temperature is 169° C. The temperature at which evolution of nitrogen in vacuo begins is 140° C., and the reaction may then be continued at 110° C.

It is readily soluble in water, 100 parts dissolving 45.83 parts of the salt at 16° C., and 100 of alcohol 0.095 parts. It is insoluble in ether.

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