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Strontium Hydrosulphide, Sr(SH)2

Strontium Hydrosulphide, Sr(SH)2, is formed in solution by saturating a strontium hydroxide solution with sulphuretted hydrogen, preferably at 65°-70° C., or by the action of a solution of sulphuretted hydrogen on strontium sulphide. On evaporation in vacuo large prismatic crystals, of composition Sr(SH)2.4H2O, are obtained. It is stable in dry air, and on heating melts in its water of crystallisation. The following values of the solubility at different temperatures are given by Terres and Bruckner, but no measurements of the pressure of sulphuretted hydrogen are recorded: -

Temperature, ° C020406080100
Grams Sr(SH)2 in 100 grams solution27.529.731.633.235.6 37.8

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