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Strontium Iodate, Sr(IO3)2

Strontium Iodate, Sr(IO3)2, may be formed by the action of iodic acid on strontium carbonate, by the action of iodine on a hot solution of strontium hydroxide, or by the precipitation of a soluble strontium salt with an alkali iodate. It crystallises in the anhydrous form from nitric acid solution between 70° and 80° C. It is precipitated from dilute boiling solutions in long opaque white needles of the monohydrate, Sr(IO3)2.H2O, and at ordinary temperatures as the hexahydrate, Sr(IO3)2.6H2O. The water of crystallisation is removed at 180° C., and further heating decomposes it into a mixture of oxide and iodide. One part of the salt dissolves in 342 parts of water at 15° C., and in 100 parts at 100° C. It is insoluble in sulphuric acid and decomposed by hydrochloric acid with the evolution of chlorine.

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