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Strontium Metaphosphate, Sr(PO3)2

Strontium Metaphosphate, Sr(PO3)2, is obtained by dissolving strontium carbonate in excess of phosphoric acid, evaporating, and heating.

Strontium hexa-metaphosphate, Sr3P6O18, is formed as a thick white flocculent precipitate by the action of the corresponding sodium salt on excess of strontium nitrate. When dried it forms an amorphous white powder, which is almost insoluble in water and melts to a glass if heated.

Double Salts of Strontium Metaphosphate

The following double phosphates have been described: the orthophosphates, SrKPO4, SrNaPO4, and SrNaPO4.9H2O; the pyrophosphates, SrK2P2O7 and SrNa2P2O7; and the metaphosphate, NaSr(PO3)3.3H2O. Colani mentions the compounds ThO2.SrO.P2O5 and UO2.SrO.P2O5.

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