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Strontium Perchlorate, Sr(ClO4)2

By the evaporation of a solution of strontium hydroxide in perchloric acid, Strontium Perchlorate, Sr(ClO4)2, is obtained as a deliquescent crystalline mass soluble in water and alcohol. The alcohol solution burns with a crimson flame. The salt is also formed when strontium chlorate is heated just above 290° C. A mixture of perchlorate and chloride is obtained, the maximum amount of the former being present when three-quarters of the chlorate has been decomposed.

The salt crystallising at 0° C. probably contains 4 molecules of water. At about 25° C. there is a dihydrate, and at 37° C., approximately, a compound, 3Sr(ClO4)2.2H2O. It is possible that there may also be a monohydrate.

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